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Making The Best Side Panels

Quality Side Panels

You have seen that your gazebo can be used much better if you install side panels. Gazebo Side Panels has the highest quality and best production of side panels.

You can use any gazebo much more during the year if you have side panels. Our company has been making side panels for a very long time. That’s why I use only quality materials, and the workmanship is perfect.

The choice of material is very important. By choosing a quality material, your side panels will last a very long time and look as bright and shiny as when you installed them. The basic material used is acrylic canvas. This canvas is dyed with a solution, so it will not fade over time and will look like new for a long time. The underside of the canvas is coated with a special resin coating, so that the water resistance increases. Be sure that your side panels will be extremely water-repellent, anti-bacterial, maximum tear-resistant, and these side panels will not stretch or shrink.

Gazebo Side Panels

All our canvas walls can be rolled up when needed and with the help of a suitable button you can attach it to the top of your frame. When you don’t need them in this way, you can put them away very easily and what’s even more important, when you need them, they’re right there ready for use. When winter comes, our recommendation is to remove the side walls and store them in a dry place. In this way, you will increase their durability.

When ordering side panels, it is very important that you correctly measure the space where they will stand. To get it right, check out our Gazebo Side Panels guide to measuring starter panels.

If you want to have the best quality side panels, one click on Gazebo Side Panels is enough. We will supply you with the most durable and the most beautiful side panels.