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Should You Eat Peanut Shells?

Are They Healthy For The Human Body?

Most people like to snack on peanuts. However, there are those who also like peanut shells. Whether you should eat them or not, see are peanut shells edible.

We all know that peanuts are very good for human consumption and are often used in human nutrition. Besides being eaten as a fruit, it is also used in the preparation of various types of food.

You must have been amazed when someone told you that they eat peanut shells. You always thought it was not edible. However, the peanut shell can be eaten, but how useful it is or how harmful it can be to the human body, see what the experts say at are peanut shells edible.

Are Peanut Shells Edible

The composition of the peanut shell is most similar to the bark of a tree or hay or cardboard. This means that there are no nutrients in the peanut shell other than cellulose. Also, the shell is very tough, so it cannot be chewed normally and the acids secreted by human salivary glands cannot break it down. So insufficiently chewed, it reaches the stomach, which also cannot break down the peanut shell with its acids, and thus no nutrients can be extracted from it. Those undigested husks continue to pass through the intestines where they can accumulate and cause a blockage in the bowels.

Another bad thing is that peanut shells are full of pesticides. Since today most fruits have to be sprayed with pesticides in order to survive, peanuts also have to be sprayed several times with various pesticides, so that the crop is as good as possible. That’s why peanut farmers spray peanuts several times, so that they survive. And they don’t care much about the amount of harmful pesticides, because the peanut shell is considered to be discarded and not used for human consumption.

If you want to know everything about the edibility of peanut shells, one click is enough on are peanut shells edible. Our recommendation is to discard the peanut shells.